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Are you looking for a bakfiets / cargo bike?

Then BINKBIKES is your preferred partner.

We are dealer of these brands : is the leading manufacturer of cargo bikes in the Netherlands.

Every cargo bike is custom made.

i:SY Cargo

The i: SY Cargo is the Porsche among the cargo bikes.

Every i: SY Cargo is custom built.

i:SY Cargo

For the business market we offer special solutions with load floors, racks and special baskets.

Are you considering buying a cargo bike?
Then visit BINKBIKES Atelier to discuss the different possibilities.

Workshop for Bakfietsen (Cargo Bikes).

More and more people opt for a cargo bike as a solution for commuter traffic.

By regularly giving your cargo bike a service, it lasts longer and you keep your guarantee.

At BINKBIKES Service Center we have a separate workplace for maintaining cargo bicycles.

We repair your cargo bike regardless of the brand or size.
If you have extra wishes, we can realize them.
Send us an e-mail and we will answer it as soon as possible.

If desired, we can pick up and / or bring your cargo bike.

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