Bike rental


Bike Rental

Bike rental at BINKBIKES near the Central Station in the Hague

You do not require any subscription to rent a bike from us.

Bike rental at BINKBIKES.

We rent E-bikes, city bikes and hybrid touring bikes.

Of course you can also rent a bicycle for several days or for your holiday.

Ask about the special rates.

These are our Rental Terms and Conditions

E-bike Victoria 5.9

Bicycle rental at BINKBIKES starts with e-bikes from the German A-brand Victoria.

The Victoria 5.9 e-bike ladies bike has 7 gears and hand brakes.

The Bosch mid-motor provides a smooth driving experience.

We have different sizes: 45 cm, 50 cm and 55 cm.

Rate: € 35.00 / 24h


Fietsverhuur Victoria 5.9

Discover The Hague by Bike

Make a trip through the city and visit monumental buildings, the parks en Scheveningen beach resort.

The museums and the varied culture make The Hague a wonderfull place to visit and to discover.

Den Haag is a must visit city!

You can follow a bike routeplan of The Hague  and discover the city by yourselve.

Or book a tour with our guide.

These are our Rental Terms and Conditions

Hybride Tourfiets Victoria 3.7

The Victoria Hybrid Touring Bike 3.7 has 7 gears and hand brakes.

We offer the ladies bike in different frame sizes: 50 cm and 55 cm.
We also offer the men’s model in two sizes: 55 cm and 60 cm.

Rate: € 20.00 / 24h

Of course we can provide waterproof panniers for these bikes.
Are you going to make a long trip or just enjoy cycling for a few days then you will receive a repair kit from us.

Fietsverhuur Victoria 3.7


We offer these bike accessories:

> Bike helmet: € 10,00 / 24h
> Childseat (Yepp Maxi): € 10,00 / 24h
> Panniers: € 5,00 / 24h


Do you need to rent more than 10 bicycles?
Then contact: 06828 59666
Or send an email to