Urban Transport Solutions

We supply a selection of design bicycles, e-bikes, transport bikes, folding bikes and accessories.
You can also contact us  for designing and building a bicycle, renting or lease of a bike

In our Atelier on the Herengracht in The Hague we sell our own bicycle designs.
We also have new bikes from well known national and international brands.

Of course we have a large selection of stylish bike accessories; Locks, helmets, saddles, handles, bells, lights and so on.
We also find nice and useful ‘ UP-CYCLE ‘ products of used bicycle parts.
So if you are looking for a unique gift stop by at BINKBIKES.


In our Service Centre in BINK36 we handle most of the maintenance..
We have a – for The Hague – unique workshop for bakfietsen and e-bikes.


In ons Atelier op de Herengracht in Den Haag vind je:

  • Transportfietsen
  • E-Bikes
  • Urban fietsen
  • Vouwfietsen en i:SY Compact
  • Custom & Design fietsen
  • Verhuur
  • Up-Cycle producten
  • Tranportservice naar ons Service Center
  • Accessoires

In ons Service Centre op BINK36 vind je

  • Moderne werkplaats voor fietsen en e-bikes
  • Diagnose systemen voor e-bikes
  • Gespecialiseerde werkplaats voor bakfietsen
  • Fiets onderdelen
  • Gebruikte fietsen + Occasions (Zie ook
  • Transportservice

Bel / mail ons voor een afspraak.

We accept all major credit cards


Your choice will amaze people. You will get highly ambivalent and contradictory reactions.

You move and you enjoy.

BINKBIKES Urban Transport Solutions
Fietsen waar je blij van wordt

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