Upcycle Fashion
Every ZABO product is made of rejectet or worn bicycle tyres or inner tubes.
Every product is unique and handmade.

London-based fashion designer Laura Zabo has drawn on not only her own lifestyle choices but also her life experiences to create her remarkable range of handmade fashion accessories. Working with discarded bicycle and car tyres and inner tubes that she saves from a future as landfill, she has developed a visually stunning and environmentally focused selection of belts, jewellery, dog accessories, guitar straps, even clothing and sandals.

Her creations are now seriously in demand, particularly with vegetarians, vegans, cyclists and fashion lovers who appreciate the innovative idea and the unique items. Laura Zabo appeals to those who do not want to betray their principles when it comes to fashion – but who also want durability, comfort and a strong image.

Laura herself says, “The abundance of trash is a tremendous problem for us and our planet, and we need to make more room for ideas that help us get rid of it or transform the excess, instead of producing more and more. I was inspired by seeing items made by the Maasai for sale in the markets in Tanzania.

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I realized that I could create fashion that was beautiful but also that would use materials that were destined just to be thrown away, take generations to break down and poison the Earth. Now we can not only save, but also celebrate, these tyres and tubes!”

Every tyre and tube has its own story and no two products are identical. Individually collected, retooled and reborn, Laura Zabo’s fashion range is an embodiment of the recycling, low waste movement. Whilst her belts and jewellery may ease the conscience, the look and style is paramount to her – this is not ‘make do and mend’ but rather a couture makeover for something that would otherwise just be binned.

These tyres and tubes may have been designed to spend their working life in rotation but, now that they have been saved from the dump, it is their time to shine – now that’s what we call a revolution. From bike lane to high street, Laura Zabo is taking the mundane and making it marvelous; this is high fashion, low impact. Transforming trash and finding an ongoing use for a persistent waste product, this is Up-cycling of the highest order.

Wide Original

A wide black belt with original text on the sides and a silver buckle, made from a rejected bicycle tire

Also in red and blue € 39,00

For sale at BINKBIKES Atelier

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