BINKBIKES rental agreement

This is BINKBIKE’s rental agreement.

1 Definitions
This rental agreement covers  the rental of one or more bicycles and/or equipment from BINKBIKES to individuals or commercial enterprises (Lessee).

2 Rental Agreement
The Lessee will receive the bicycle and/or equipment in good condition.

Lessee is responsible for returning the bicycle and/or equipment in the same condition.
Therefore, the Lessee is liable for damages to the bicycle and/or equipment and is liable for both the repair cost and parts.
Lessee is responsible for the bicycle and/or equipment until the moment of return.

3 Deposit
As a condition of rental we accept as a deposit:
> a valid ID card or
> credit card or
> 50,00 in cash or
> 50,00 bank transfer (all major credit cards accepted. American express only at our Service Centre)
Credit Cards payments come with a 2% extra charge.
Personal information will be processed by BINKBIKES in accordance with the Dutch Data Privacy Act.

4 Rental Period
The Lessee is responsible for the bicycle and/or equipment during the rental period, from signing the rental agreement until return of the bicycle and/or equipment.

Lessee has to return the bicycle and/or equipment before the agreed moment of return.
Bicycles and/or equipment returned after the agreed renting period will be charged with a minimum of the price for 3 hours.
Early returns will not be refundable.

5 Liability
BINKBIKES is not liable for any damages or injury due to the malfunction of a bicycle and/or equipment.
Lessee is fully responsible for all possible damages incurred during the rental period.
Should any damages be discovered during the transfer/acceptance of the rented bicycle(s), these should be reported immediately to a member of our staff.

6 Use of bicycle(s) and equipment
The bicycle and/or equipment may only be used in a normal and appropriate manner by the Lessee.
Lessee is obligated to take all necessary steps and precautions to prevent the bicycle and/or equipment against loss and from being damaged or stolen.
The city bicycles may only be used by one person at the time, with the exception of an infant who has to be seated in a child seat.

7 Damages, Loss & Theft
Damages must be paid in full (or charged on the credit card) in case of any damages to the rented bicycle(s) or equipment caused by Lessee
All the BINKBIKES rental bicycles have been fitted with ART**-locks and extra plug-in chains.
Please put the bicycle(s) in dedicated bicycle storages as often as possible.
For example at the bicyclette.

BINKBIKES bicycle(s) are not insured.
Rentee will be offered a change to ensure the bicycle(s)

Before signing the rental agreement the Lessee is offered a bicycle insurance which will cover:

> Theft, only when the Lessee can present the key;
> Damage, only when the bicycle has been used in a proper way;
> Loss, in case of theft/loss of the bicycle the Lessee always has to call the ‘Fietsdepot Haaglanden’ +31 (0)70-7528800.
If the bicycle is there, then the Lessee can retrieve the bicycle for a fee.

The insurance will only cover the price of the bicycle(s).
A liability charge has to be paid to BINKBIKES even in the case the key can be produced
The liability charge is €100,- for a city bicycle and €500,- for a tandem/electric/cargo bicycle.
Insurance does not cover personal damage or injury.

If Lessee takes no insurance, then Lessee will be fully responsible for damage to the bicycle and theft or loss.
BINKBIKES will charge € 500,00 (excl. handling costs).

Lost keys/chain locks are never insured and will be charged for € 35,00

8 Selection of routes
The selection of routes where the rented bicycle(s) is to be used is wholly the decision, judgement and responsibility of the Lessee and is at Lessee’s own risk.

9 Liability insurance
The Lessee acknowledges that he/she is sufficiently privately insured against third-party liability in order to cover the cost of any possible damages incurred.

10 Minors
Minors aged 16-18 years declare that they have the express permission and consent of their parental/legal guardian.
Parents must declare their permission by signature for Lessee’s younger than 16 years.

11 Conformation of acceptance
By renting a one or more bikes from BINKBIKES and/or equipment, you acknowledge that:

  1. You have read our terms and conditions and agree to bound by them.
  2. You have inspected the rented bicycle(s), that it/ they are fully functional, and that you have not discovered any obvious damages.
  3. Use of the bicycle(s) and equipment is at your own risk.